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Photographer: J. Stewart © 2008 University of Delaware


Rebekah Houser, ECE

Fatema Bannat Wala, ECE

Ishaani Priyadarshini, ECE

John Kacvinsky, ECE (part-time)

Arshiya Khan, ECE

Teddy Katayama, ECE

Patrick Cronin, ECE

Lin Jin, ECE

Rui Bian, ECE

Saleh Makkawy, ECE

Wael Alamri, ECE (on Leave of Absence)


Michael J. De Lucia, ECE, "Machine Learning Enhanced Network Security," 04/2020, Computer Scientist, U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), APG.

Hristo Asenov, CIS, "A Resilient Redundant Routing Framework for Future Internet Architecture," 05/2016; Research Intern, Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, CA (2012-2013), (Cyber Range) Software Engineer, Circadence, Boulder, CO., Systems Software Engineer, Rackspace, Blacksburg, Virginia, Adjunct Faculty Champlain College, Burlington, VT. (2017), Adjunct Faculty, Rowan University (2015-2016).

Ryan Van Antwerp, ECE, "Using the Presence of Anti-Reverse Engineering Techniques to Detect Malware," 2013; Principal Security Engineer, Comcast, Philadelphia, PA, University of Delaware, Adjunct Faculty , UD 2015-present, Pen Test and Reverse Engineering, CPEG/ELEG 471/671 (REVERSE), both campus and online sections each fall.

Masters Students

Arshiya Khan, Thesis CYBS-MS, "A Feature Taxonomy for Network Traffic," 05/2019.
Teddy Katayama, Thesis CYBS-MS, co-advisor with Haining Wang; Research Intern, Cisco Security and Trust Organization (STO) (2016, 2017).
Ishaani Priyadarshini, Thesis CYBS-MS, "Features and Architecture of the Modern Cyber Range: A Qualitative Analysis and Survey," 05/2018.
Rebekah Houser, Thesis CYBS-MS, "Plug-in Electric Vehicle Fingerprinting - Determining Vehicle Type from Charging Behaviors," 5/2018; Research Intern, Palo Alto Networks (2019,2020); GPEN (GIAC Certified Pen Tester).

Youngmin Wang, Thesis CYBS-MS, "The use of Local Passive DNS in the Intranet to Detect the Incident Caused by Insider," 08/2018; Captain, Republic of Korea Army (ROKA).
Baegwang Shin, Thesis CYBS-MS, "Security Enhancement in Defense Information System by Active Directory," 08/2018; Captain, Republic of Korea Army (ROKA). 

Dan DeCamillo, Practicum MSSE, "Standalone System Security Updater (S3U) Framework, Software Design Specification," 05/2017; Chief Engineer, Technical Management Division Chief, PdM Mission Network, PM Tactical Network, U.S. Army CECOM SES (Software Engineering Center), APG.

Fatema Bannat Wala, Thesis ECE, "Best Practices in Online User Authentication: An Analysis and Survey," 08/2015; Security Engineer Lawrence Berkeley National Lab/ESNet, Berkeley, CA; Security Engineer UD Network and Systems Services (IT-NSS) Technical Security Group (TSG), Newark, DE.

Stephen Sigwart, Thesis CIS, "System IS-IS: A routing based resource registry to support distributed routers," 2012; Chief Technology Officer,

Ryan Van Antwerp, Thesis ECE, "Exfiltration Techniques: An Examination and Emulation," 2011; Principal Security Engineer, Comcast.

Tyrell Fawcett, Thesis ECE, "EXFILD: A Tool for the Detection of Data Exfiltration using Entropy and Encryption Characteristics of Network Traffic," 2010; Cotton as technical co-advisor; Lead Security Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton (NSA/DoD).


Nicholas Zahabiun, Honors BS CE with Distinction, "One Time Pad Encrypted Messaging System," 05/2020;  Graduate student, Cornell University, fall 2020.


·      Furkan Cayci - ECE (master's expected 5/2010)

·      Corey Lange - ECE (master's expected 5/2012)

·      Rodney McGee - ECE (master's expected 5/2010)

·      Ryan Van Antwerp - ECE (Ph.D. expected 5/2013)

·      Hristo Asenov - CIS (Ph.D. expected 5/2014)

·      Stephen Sigwart - CIS (Ph.D. expected 5/2014)



·      Lawrence Aiello - Class of 2011

·      Robert Haislip - Class of 2011

·      Nadia Kiamilev - Class of 2015

·      Joshua Marks - Class of 2011

·      Robert Rehrig - Class of 2011

·      Nick Waite - Class of 2011

·      Yingbo Wang - Class of 2012


·      Tyrell Fawcett - ECE (Master's 5/2010)

·       Stephen Janansky - ECE (Bachelor's 5/2010)