The Center for Information and Communications Sciences (CICS) is a research center spanning the College of Engineering and the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Delaware. The CICS conducts basic and applied research for sponsors in the National Security sector, facilitating research interactions between associated faculty, industry, and federal and state government agencies. The center also provides graduate and undergraduate students with the opportunity to participate in research projects. Our research addresses technical issues and barriers to commercialization in the following areas:
  • Network Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile Networking
  • Advanced Computing
  • Multifunctional Materials
  • Robotics
  • Information Networking

Founded in March, 2009 by W. David Sincoskie, placement of the CICS at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware provides easy access to organizations located near the Aberdeen Proving Ground and other clients in the greater Washington, DC area. For Delaware, the center creates opportunities for national and international recognition and a platform for economic growth in the information and communications sector.